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Energy Everywhere


People Breathing Cleaner Air


Watt-Hours of Electricity Generated


Tonnes of CO2 Emissions Avoided

Energy – We use it all around us, every day.

We cook. We charge. We light. We communicate. We eat. Take a look around any room in your home and you'll see the many ways energy permeates our lives - most of the time without us even realizing it.
  • Introducing the BioLite HomeStove

    A low-cost, biomass cookstove that drastically reduces emissions while generating electricity. Using the same technology found in our camping products, the HomeStove creates a highly efficient fire while generating usable electricity to charge personal devices.
  • NanoGrid

    The first BioLite product to be sold in both outdoor recreation and emerging markets, the NanoGrid offers a compelling alternative to expensive, polluting kerosene while simultaneously bringing an off-grid energy hub into the home.
  • 91%
    less carbon
    less smoke
    2W electricity
    saved annually
    less fuel
  • 2000%
    More Lumens than
    a Kerosene Lamp
    Charging Access
    on BioLite Homestove

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