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Introducing The BioLite HomeStove™

50% Less Wood Consumed
Time and Cash Savings

95% Smoke Reduction
Improved Health

Nearly Eliminates Black Carbon
Protects Climate

Generates Electricity
Charges Phones & LED Lights

The Need - Clean Cooking

Half the planet cooks on smoky open fires, causing over 4 million premature deaths annually. This is more than AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis, combined.

These smoky open fires also contribute to climate change, releasing more black carbon into the atmosphere than all the cars and trucks in the world.

Using our patented technology, BioLite has created The HomeStove, a low-cost biomass cookstove that, by converting waste heat into electricity, reduces smoke emissions by up to 95% while simultaneously providing users with the capability to charge mobile phones and LED lights.

The Need

The Solution - Parallel Innovation

By incubating core energy technologies that can serve users in both developed and developing markets, BioLite is able to solve long-term, high-impact problems. We call it Parallel Innovation. Your purchase of the BioLite CampStove helps us fund the initial costs to build and support the HomeStove market abroad.

Over the past year, BioLite has launched 3 commercial pilot programs across India, Ghana, and Uganda and has sold thousands of HomeStoves through local partnerships and networks.

BioLite does not accept HomeStove donations; rather, it invests in long-term infrastructure to sustain local markets. Learn more about BioLite's market based approach here.

BioLite HomeStove